The Business

Built Environment Solutions Consulting (Pty) Ltd was recently established in order to provide civil engineering consultancy services.

Services on offer would complement your established team and add value to your project in any of the fields and/or activities related to pavement analysis & design, stormwater planning & design and traffic analysis.

The company is an Exempted Micro Enterprise with 100% black female ownership and a Level 1 Contributor with 135% B-BBEE Procurement Recognition.


The Mission

The mission is to provide clients with thoughtful engineering solutions, thereby improving the quality of life of the society the solution is designed to serve and, in the process, increase awareness of the engineer's role in society.

The Vision

 It is Built Environment Solutions Consulting's vision to:

• offer exceptional service with quality engineering designs and deliver projects that leave a positive legacy for future generations;

• encourage collaboration among industry practitioners in order to provide integrated engineering solutions through the sharing of knowledge and experiences;

• spread enthusiasm and stimulate a culture of pride in the work of the engineer by appreciating the engineering advances in the industry and
providing a space for engineered ingenuity; and

• grow professionally by continually acquiring new skills, nurturing established ones and, in turn, sharing these skills with others.

The Person

I qualified in December 2001 with B.Eng.(Civil) from University of Stellenbosch.  Immediately afterwards, I performed research in pavement engineering.

I entered the consulting engineering environment in 2005 where I worked in the roads and stormwater departments.  I gained extensive experience in pavement analysis and design, as well as geometric design. 

Applications in these fields range from highways to residential township developments.  I have also performed traffic studies, either as part of the design process of roads projects, or executing the complete traffic impact assessment as a requirement for new developments. 

I also have extensive experience in stormwater designs - hydrological and hydraulic studies.  My background also includes master planning studies, where my knowledge of the combination of these fields was utilized.  My diverse experience also includes report writing, detail design reporting, tender documentation, tender evaluation reports and contract administration.